Icelandic innovation.


get misty.

• Disinfection is accomplished in minutes by a disinfecting dry mist that penetrates all corners and crevices. Ceiling, walls, floors, equipment and hard-to-reach areas are efficiently disinfected; 

• The disinfecting mist settles and generates an invisible, long-lasting barrier to pathogens;

• The mist reaches airborne microbes and improves air quality;

• Optimized and fully automated technology, eliminating human error

• Any room is disinfected in less than 30 minutes;

• Quick installation of the mist dispersing system, fixed or mobile;

• Improved sustainability by using significantly less chemicals and water;

• Excellent results in the food processing industry eliminating food born pathogens;

• Over 150 fixed installations in several countries.

Complies with;
- EPA Clorox test  (surface)
- EN 113697 (surface)


complex made simple.

The Disact automated mist makes disinfection of complicated facilities easy.

It´s perfect for complex surfaces;

It saves effort, chemicals and time;

It´s automated, simple and efficient;

Go from concerns  to peace of mind.

the liquid glove.

The enduring activity of the DISACT disinfectant makes for a perfect hand-sanitizer that lasts for hours. It is odourless and mild on your skin while providing protection against contact with contagious surfaces. It´s like a liquid glove:
• DISACT hand sanitizer in store;
• Contains no alcohol;
• Does not dry hands, not irritating;
• Kills the COVID-19 virus and bacterial pathogens 
• Active on hands for hours;
• “Glove in a bottle”;

• Complies with:
- EN 1500 Hand disinfection criteria


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